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Chichibu cocoon

Yarn making / Weaving
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What we want to keep

Currently, only 0.3% of silk products manufactured in Japan use domestic silk cocoons.

By using our fabrics, we would like to leave the technologies, history and landscape that we have followed, with people who use it.

Handweaver Magnetic Pole prides in collaborating with local silkworm famers to produce all products using 100% domestic silk cocoons.
About five times a year, in keeping with the timing when silkworms make cocoons, we will take up the raw silk by "Zaguri" technology, which has been passed down.
Although mass production is impossible, by sticking to polite work until the end, you can create a delicate fabric with good touch.

At one point, the recipe of Chichibu Futori will cease, Kitamura's master, late Kenichi Ishizuka was revived and handed down the manufacturing method. Today's Chichibu Futori has become a very small circulation, phantom silk fabric.