Yarn making

Our Cloths, It is made using old-fashioned methods and tools.

Hand reeling

We use cocoons raised by Sericulture farmers in Chichibu. In addition to regular cocoons, We use cocoons of irregular size to make yarn making.

Cotton spinning

We will continue spinning threads from cotton with traditional manual work.

Drop protein

Freshly drawn yarn contains proteins such as sericin, so it is not shiny and stiff. By dropping protein with soap and sodium water containing sodium bicarbonate, it becomes soft thread.


Our threads are hardly twisted. I firmly adhere the paste so that it can be woven smoothly. After that, we will make length, number and pattern according to the finished product.


Through a heddle

Pass through the heddle along the yarn path and prepare the yarn-friendly weave by threading through the yarn.


Choose the loom to use according to the product. I try to make things that were in modern times using old-fashioned tools.